Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Installing Fallout 2 under WINE in Linux

Fallout 2 is the best CRPG ever, at least in my book. Yes, I know Fallout 3 is coming soon, but somehow I'm afraid of it, after I've seen the butchering that Bethesda Softworks has done to The Elder Scrolls, turning a very good RPG (Morrowind) into a mediocre FPS (Oblivion).

Now, recently I've come upon killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project, which doesn't add any unofficial content, but unlocks the original content which was unavailable due to coding bugs. Killap, I bow to you here and now.

I've also noticed there's a number of people trying to install this under WINE, with not much success, or with very dirty solutions, such as using the native ddraw.dll.

My solution was, in the end, quite simple and everything works beautifully. Here's how I did it:

1. Install WINE (if you already haven't), with your favourtite package manager. Mine is pacman, since I use Arch Linux.
  • #pacman -Sy wine
2. If you like, you can install winetricks (which will allow you to easily install DirectX, but I don't believe this is needed for Fallout 2; it may be for some other games, though). Again, with your favourite package manager.
  • #pacman -Sy winetricks
3. Put your Fallout 2 install CD in your drive, or mount the ISO (if you don't like juggling with CDs and make ISO images prior to install), set the WINE mountpoint to it via winecfg. You should also set WINE to the "Windows 98" Windows version. We will need this for the Restoration Project to install properly, so that WINE sees things the right way.
Now run the install:
  • # wine x:\setup.exe
(where X is your WINE mountpoint to the CD/ISO)

4. After installing Fallout 2, no patches except the RP are needed; The RP includes all the patches you need. Make sure once more your Windows version in winecfg is set to 98, and run:
  • # wine F2_Restoration_Project_1.2.exe
And follow the installation procedure until the end. After you do this, you may set your windows version in winecfg back to Windows 98.

5. Run the game. Voila! It works. And pretty good, too. I can't emphasize this enough, killap has done a great job, and is still working on it. Yes, the 1.3 version with even more bugfixes is out soon, so if you like it, give the man some credit.

Happy gaming! :)