Thursday, 14 August 2008

"Stumble!" 42 Sport

A friend and I just found a new Stumbleupon sport. It's quite simple, you just need to use Mozilla Firefox (Iceweasel, Gran Paradiso, Minefield, Bon Echo and similar will do as well), and install the StumbleUpon! add-on (if you haven't done so yet). You can download the add-on here.

Now that you have those two, let the fun begin. You can set up your stumbling profile as you like, it doesn't really matter. Now the sport is quite simple - you should try to find the number 42 in any form available on every page you stumble and see how long you can keep up.

We've been clicking "Stumble!" for about half an hour, and found the number 42 in various forms (4 2; 4, 2; 16:2x (which is 4:2x); and others) on 14 consecutive web pages. The 15th was a failure :(
Let's see how long you can keep up :)

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